Maxi View 150

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View More Maxi is the widest standard window we do with a structural window opening of 1602mm x 1008. We can make wider but feel applications for a wider window are limited but please ask if your project lends itself to a wider window. The Maxi look is more of a contemporary window and is ideal for a single window project. The landscape layout gives a wide spread of light and a good visual balance. It can work well in the centre with perhaps midi’s either side.
As with all our windows triple glazing is available for extra thermal and sound insulation. Add £153.58 for this option.The structural opening size is 1602 x 1008 high.
For a single seam between windows the structural openings should be 500mm apart for the first seam. (same as the Mini and Midi) Then add 529mm for each seam required. For 2 seams the spacing between window openings would be 1029mm this would probably be your minimum spacing between windows. For 3 seams add 529mm making 1558mm